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Firewalls obstruct certain traffic coming in and out of your computer and constitute the first line of defence against intruders in order to protect your equipment. The firewall is placed between your high speed connection to the Internet and your in-house equipment, be it your house or company network. The firewall can be configured to block intruders from accessing your equipment. The same may apply if you want to restrict certain employees from accessing the Internet.

Firewall installation and support is required so that your network is safe and protected against intruders. Moreover, firewall installation and support services are able to monitor traffic in your network. Hardware firewalls are most important these days because they filter all the information that goes inside and outside the network. It uses the packet filtering mechanism. In here, the source and destination of information is checked whether it has been validated or not by the user or administrator of the network. In contrast, a software firewall contains user-controlled protection features like file safety set-ups, printer sharing, application blocking, and the most common anti-virus scanning.

Following are the benefits of installing a firewall for your network and how it can help you:

    ** Manage Authorised Traffic in/out of your Network
    ** Ban potential harmful websites
    ** Secure remote access to your network using VPNs
    ** Protect against hackers and other external threats
    ** Avoid system misuse by internal staff members

Companies must determine which firewall solution is best for their specific needs.Using the resources of a firm/consultant who specializes in firewall solutions,provides additional assurance that the company will achieve its goals and objectives.

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